[GRASS5] nviz variable sites

Helena Mitasova hmitaso at unity.ncsu.edu
Mon Nov 19 10:26:16 EST 2001


this is the unfinished implementation of sites display functionality in
NVIZ started by Bill this summer.
It has the interface and some work done for displaying the sites
with symbols sized and colored according to their attributes and
cylinder added
as an additional symbol (it has a good geometry for "sizing").
Please store it somewhere, so that if somebody would be willing to
finish it
has a good start on it. It is useful for many applications, including
visualization of
crossvalidation results, errors and uncetainty and you can do lots of
tricks with it by having raster, vector
and volume data visualized as sites.


Message from Bill:
Haven't looked at this in a while, but I put the code I had started in
NVIZ at:

If I remember right, some of the site objects worked, and there was an
interface panel started to add additional objects.  It doesn't include
updates since July though.

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