[GRASS5] nviz defaults

Kevin Slover kjslover at nhc.noaa.gov
Fri Nov 30 12:33:17 EST 2001

I posted this to the GRASS list, but thought I might give this list a
shot as well...
I am limited in my tcl/tk programming experience...and am looking for a
way to change the defaults in some of the NVIZ menus.  My problem is
that I am trying to display a vector only on a raster with value=0, and
overlaying a raster of actual data values.  The problem is that each
time I use draw, the "display on surface(s):" is reset to default, which
has all surfaces chosen...and I would like to change this so that I am
forced to choose...
can someone help??  Thanks....

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              Tropical Prediction Center/National Hurricane Center
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