[GRASS5] [bug #815] (grass) Wish: r.labels for raster cats management

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Tue Oct 9 10:55:50 EDT 2001

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Subject: Wish: r.labels for raster cats management

Raster Cats management tool needed: - write r.labels
Currently it is quite difficult to manage raster categories (text)
when generating new maps from existing raster maps.
A trivial, but mostly wrong solution is to copy the cats/ file.

As for the issue of transfering the cat file - this is similar to r.colors.
You cannot have r.mapcalc taking care of it (in general) because there are
often more than 1 file involved and then it is not clear which cats file
should be used. So the best would be to have a command similar to r.colors
with option rast which allows you to assign the colortable from another
raster file, e.g. r.labels mynewmap rast=myoldmap (it should include an
option to assign labels interactively - something like rules for r.colors,
so that you don't have to go through r.support.)

This is nothing urgent, we just want to store the idea in RT.


 Markus + Helena

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