[GRASS5] Darwin Pre2: PNGDriver

jeshua jeshua at SierraMaps.com
Mon Oct 15 05:56:36 EDT 2001

On Sunday, October 14, 2001, at 12:41  AM, Glynn Clements wrote:

>> Can you please let me know when I can check it out?
> It's ready; if I say "about to commit", it will probably be done
> within a few minutes of the email being sent.


Thanks Glynn, for graciously pointing that out to me.

>> Will I have to re-build everything and start out with a "make
>> distclean", or will I be able to just run configure and then build the
>> PNGDriver?
> It should suffice to run configure then build PNGdriver.

Thank you!  I checked-out all of the config files and ran configure 
again and it was apparently successful:

checking whether to use PNG... yes
checking for location of PNG includes...
checking for png.h... yes
checking for location of PNG library...
checking for png_read_image in -lpng... yes
checking whether to use GD... yes
checking for location of GD includes...
checking for gd.h... yes
checking for location of GD library...
checking for gdImagePng in -lgd... no
checking for gdImagePng in -lgd... yes
checking for gdImagePng in -lgd... (cached) yes
checking for gdImageGif in -lgd... no

Built then when I go to build the PNGDriver I run into trouble with 
undefined symbols:

gcc  -o /usr/src/grass/dist.powerpc-apple-darwin1.4/driver/PNG 
OBJ.powerpc-apple-darwin1.4/Can_do.o OBJ.powerpc-apple-darwin1.4/Color.o 
OBJ.powerpc-apple-darwin1.4/Draw_line.o OBJ.powerpc-apple-
darwin1.4/Get_w_box.o OBJ.powerpc-apple-darwin1.4/Get_w_line.o 
OBJ.powerpc-apple-darwin1.4/Get_w_pnt.o OBJ.powerpc-apple-
darwin1.4/Graph_Clse.o OBJ.powerpc-apple-darwin1.4/Graph_Set.o 
OBJ.powerpc-apple-darwin1.4/Panel.o OBJ.powerpc-apple-
darwin1.4/Polygn_abs.o OBJ.powerpc-apple-darwin1.4/Reset_clr.o 
darwin1.4/driverlib.a /usr/src/grass/src/libes/LIB.powerpc-apple-
darwin1.4/libgis.a -lz  -L/usr/local/pgsql -L/usr/local/lib
/usr/bin/ld: Undefined symbols:
make: *** [/usr/src/grass/dist.powerpc-apple-darwin1.4/driver/PNG] 
Error 1

Now, I grep'ed for gdImagePng and gdImageLine:

[localhost:/usr/src/grass] root# grep gdImagePng /usr/local/include/*
/usr/local/include/gd.h:void gdImagePng(gdImagePtr im, FILE *out);
/usr/local/include/gd.h:void gdImagePngCtx(gdImagePtr im, gdIOCtx *out);
/usr/local/include/gd.h:void gdImagePngToSink(gdImagePtr im, gdSinkPtr 
/usr/local/include/gd.h:void* gdImagePngPtr(gdImagePtr im, int *size);

[localhost:/usr/src/grass] root# grep gdImageLine 
src/display/devices/PNGdriver/Draw_line.c:      gdImageLine(im, cur_x, 
cur_y, x, y, currentColor);

And it seems like something is adding the underscores to the symbols, 
messing things up. Unfortunately, I have no idea why.

Can anyone offer a hint?

BTW: What does the PNGDriver do?  Is it optional?


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