[GRASS5] vector import on solaris 8

Hal Mueller hal at seanet.com
Fri Oct 19 00:06:36 EDT 2001

Has anyone succeeded in getting m.in.e00, v.in.shape, or v.in.mif to 
work on the pre-release Grass 5 under Solaris 8?

v.in.shape dumps core after the polygons are read/while "tracking 
line xx".  m.in.e00 dumps core complaining of not enough memory. 
v.in.mif silently exits and does nothing.

Since I've seen no problem reports and lots of success reports, I 
assume it's either a Solaris 8 thing or pilot error on my part. 

BTW I'm trying to read E00 and Shapefiles from USGS National Atlas 
and from Safe Software's FME.  Fairly sure that they're good files, 
but they're large.

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