[GRASS5] LD_LIBRARY_PATH and display support on solaris 8

Hal Mueller hal at seanet.com
Fri Oct 19 05:03:34 EDT 2001

At 10:06 PM -0700 10/18/01, Eric G. Miller wrote:
>On Thu, 18 Oct 2001 21:06:17 -0700, Hal Mueller <hal at seanet.com> wrote:
> > The key is that if   --with-zlib-libs=DIR is specified to
> > "configure", then that directory has to end up in the
> > LD_LIBRARY_PATH.  I don't know where in the build tree that change
> > should be made, however.
>I don't know how the runtime linker works on Solaris, but it should
>probably already have libz somewhere in it's path.  On Linux, it
>used to be there was an ld.so configuration file, but that's even
>obsoleted these days.  To my mind, runtime dependencies outside the
>control of GRASS would be difficult to handle for all of the
>target platforms.  Perhaps another Solaris user can comment further.

Can't expect to handle all the runtime idiosyncrasies, but if a 
specific location is specified for a library on the configure command 
line, using a very specific configure switch, then routines that use 
that library should be told where to find it.  That was the case with 
"set_data" and Init.sh--the setup for set_data didn't list the 
location for the libraries.

I just took another look, and there is no libz in /usr/lib. 
/usr/local/lib is where my installation of gcc put its libz.

> > I also ran into the problem of the display/d.mon stuff getting built
> > with inconsistent references to sockets and fifos.  Specified
> > --with-fifo and everything worked fine.  As someone else had noted,
> > the compile goes fine without saying --with-fifo; it's only at
> > runtime that the problem arises.
>There have been some recent changes with the socket handling.  Could
>you elaborate what the problems are?  Sockets are now created in
>/tmp/grass-$USER/, and it's my understanding that Solaris uses a
>ramdisk for /tmp.  Could there be some problem creating sockets
>there?  I shouldn't think so...?  Perhaps there's a problem with
>the username lookup?  I was trying to find a solution that worked
>for everyone (considering network file systems).
>You can get inconsistent builds if you specify one or the other of
>"--with-fifo" or "--with-socket", reconfigure with the other, and
>rebuild without having done a full "distclean"...

Rats, can't find the reference now.  I was getting an error when 
starting d.mon, don't remember the exact text.  I looked up the text 
and "grass solaris" on Google, and found an archived email 
discussion.  I believe that I (and also the original poster) had 
compiled d.mon to use sockets but had Grass configured to use fifos.

I got there by not specifying --with-fifo or --with-socket; I didn't 
notice the instruction to choose one or the other, and the build 
defaults were inconsistent.  As soon as I said --with-fifo the 
problem went away.  I didn't ever try --with-socket.  Not a socket 
problem, but a config problem.


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