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Hi Ian.

I've CC'ed your questions to the Grass list in the hope that the experts
will be able to give you more helpful answers than I am able.

Grass list people - Ian has recently got Grass up and running under Windows
XP and needs some help to get up to speed using it on an interesting project
in Canada.


Mike Thomas.

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[Stuff deleted] ...

You may be able to point me to some resources though. My hurdles are thus:

1. How to import a raster image and georeference it properly.
2. How to cull out/seperate colored linework based on RGB values and save to
new raster files.
3. How to convert the raster data to linework and polygons and create vector
files from the result of #2
4. How to reproject it to the BC Albers projection I am using (grs80
ellipsoid with Albers Equal Area projection....We span 3-4 UTM zones)
5. How to work with the attribute data - if it even exists (which I am sure
it does) in the coverages I have already imported.
6. How to link the spatial data with an SQL database and query/return the
7. Then working with the dreaded DEM data I have, as well as seafloor
topology to produce depths and height of land information, contours, etc...

I found some great hints in GRASS SEEDS, and I can see the commands I need
to use. There just appears to be little information in any detailed form
available for newbies. Although I have a great theoretical knowledge, I have
so little hands on (except in CAD.) This may all change with my access to
the GRASS bibliography though. I still have yet to start seriously digging
into the raster capabilities of GRASS - and I know these are considerable.
Then there's the question of scripting....

I'm almost tempted to buy a book. If there's any good ones, please let me

I also have a ton of data that I can't release in terms of logging cutblock
locations, boundaries, logging roads and trails that I want to integrate.
Then there's the fish observations and stocking locations to integrate...
Then there's our watershed atlas with stream flow models and

Then I build the web query front end and get to make it all work from Apache
running under Windows XP.

All this just so I can find a good flyfishing spot for rainbow trout. Well,
and maybe make a buck or two (if I can...)

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