[GRASS5] [bug #818] (grass) v.support problem?

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Wed Oct 24 01:36:38 EDT 2001

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Subject: v.support problem?

Platform: Linux/Intel
Linux distro: RedHat
linux cpu: Intel (i486, i586, pentium ...)
Xwindows manager: GNOME
grass downloaded at: Hannover site  (??)
grass binary for platform: I compiled the sources myself
grass sources source: no, I got a source code package from the server, GRASS5.0.0pre2
c compiler name: gcc

I want to perform,import the map from ARC/INFO e00 format data
and generate HTML clickable map contents.And performed the shell
as [list 1]. But 9 of 152 polygon datas cannot import into GRASS 
vector file. other polygon data can be imported and correct HTML 
contents are generated. 
In this shell,the command v.support prints 9 line error messages 
as [list 2].

Is this a GRASS bug?

original e00 data URL:
(This data is created by Ministry of Public Management, Home 
 Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications Japan)


[list 1]

g.remove vect=t_13104_poly                 > log01
m.in.e00 input=t_13104_poly.e00            >> log01
v.support  map=t_13104_poly                >> log01
# g.region -ad vector=t_13104_poly         >> log01

d.mon start=HTMLMAP    >> log01
d.mon select=HTMLMAP   >> log01
echo "<html><body bgcolor="#800080" >" > alien.htm
echo "<img src="alien.gif" width="640" height="480" usemap="#map" border="0">" >> alien.htm
echo "dummy01.htm" | d.text
# d.scale
d.area map=t_13104_poly   fillcolor=white  linecolor=blue   >> log01
d.mon stop=HTMLMAP   >> log01
cat htmlmap >> alien.htm
echo "</body></html>" >> alien.htm

d.mon start=CELL  >> log01
d.mon select=CELL >> log01

d.area map=t_13104_poly  fillcolor=white  linecolor=blue  >> log01
d.mon stop=CELL   >> log01

# make the region the same as the newly created cell for ppm export
g.region save=saved.reg >> log01
g.region raster=D_cell  >> log01
r.out.ppm -q input=D_cell output=alien.ppm  >> log01

# use the netpbm utilities to create a gif (quantize if needed)
ppmquant 128 <alien.ppm |  ppmtogif >alien.gif 

# don't forget to reset your region
g.region region=saved.reg  >> log01

[list 2]

PNT_TO_AREA failed: (-8216.339844, -32895.437500) (Category 34)
PNT_TO_AREA failed: (-8476.670898, -33106.984375) (Category 52)
PNT_TO_AREA failed: (-8303.824219, -33204.828125) (Category 53)
PNT_TO_AREA failed: (-9640.192383, -33584.269531) (Category 66)
PNT_TO_AREA failed: (-9398.910156, -33741.835938) (Category 84)
PNT_TO_AREA failed: (-9468.268555, -33985.058594) (Category 100)
PNT_TO_AREA failed: (-9738.194336, -35307.417969) (Category 144)
PNT_TO_AREA failed: (-9994.717773, -35593.910156) (Category 150)
PNT_TO_AREA failed: (-9587.387695, -35556.503906) (Category 151)

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