[GRASS5] i.target: parser support added

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Fri Oct 26 11:30:52 EDT 2001

Hi Bob,
hi all,

thanks for your contribution: i.target with parser support.

I have fixed a few traps (checks which cmd line parameters
are allowed) and uploaded to CVS.
the original INTER version lives in i.target/inter now and
is in use for the inter mode (due to GRASS front.end).

i.target help
 This program targets an imagery group to a GRASS location and mapset
 i.target [-c] group=name [location=name] [mapset=name]
  -c   Set current location and mapset as target for of imagery group
     group   Name of imagery group
  location   Name of imagery target location
    mapset   Name of target mapset

The HTML page is also updated.

Next to come: i.rectify... (and i.group)

Then geo-rectification can be done scripted.

Best regards


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