[GRASS5] d.what.vect, v.area, d.area needs update manual

Helena hmitaso at unity.ncsu.edu
Fri Oct 26 09:58:39 EDT 2001

Markus and others,

I found some inconsistencies in manual with the current code which
suggest that
some code merging might be useful (and hopefully not difficult.):

we have d.what.vect which according to the manual works only on lines,
however it also outputs this:

601442.22222222(E) 4924546.66666667(N)
soils.acidic in helena  Line - Category <not tagged>
Area - Category 54 Wb
Size - Sq Meters: 689050.000  Hectares: 68.905
           Acres: 170.264  Sq Miles: 0.2660

so the manual should be updated

We also have v.area which outputs everything that d.what.vect does plus
perimeter, area centroid and island info (and the "mouse clicking" is
different -
that is one standard that needs to be set for 5.1)

Point at cross hairs:     4918382.22 (N)     602540.00 (E)
Getting value 0 with opflag 0
Islands flag is 0
Area index number: 79
Perimeter:  8613.35 meters   28258.68 feet   5.352 miles
Area:   2557050.00 sq meters    255.71 hectares
        631.845 acres    0.9873 sq miles
Area centroid: 4918410.00 (N) 602490.00 (E)
cat#= 9, label= <CBE>

and then we also have d.area for which the manual says:
Obtains area/perimeter information on vector polygons, which it is not
but it has the capability to display areas as filled areas that the
two do not have.

So for 5.0 the manual entries for d.area and d.what.area should be
updated and
for 5.1 the best thing probably would be to merge v.area with
d.vect.area and I believe
that it should be called d.vect.area. d.area should be probably kept
If I have missed something that was already discussed here, I


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