[GRASS5] pre2 nviz & darwin -- part ii

andy agena andya at mac.com
Fri Oct 26 17:53:10 EDT 2001

hi helena:

nviz -q (with or without tcltkgrass running) very briefly flashes the 
"wait_ok" and nviz boxes, then gives the '"wait_ok" already exists in 
parent' error in the xterm.  the nviz i/o box doesn't appear.

using the tcltkgrass menu for nviz pops up three windows (wait_ok, nviz 
i/o, and  nviz), nviz i/o says:  'loading data,' 'update elev null 
mask,' 'loading data,' 'translating colors,' then ends with 'sorry, 
<el=> is ambiguous' (this "el=" is passed from the command line box in 
the nviz dialog and i can't edit it).

take care,

p.s. please cc me as well, as i'm a digest lister.  thanks.

> it gives him the same error even if he just calls nviz -q, so it is not 
> in
> the name,
> if I understand it correctly. Andy, does it open any of the windows 
> when you
> start nviz -q
> (the graphics window, "please wait" window and then the tcltk 
> interface)?
> Helena

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