[GRASS5] pre2 nviz & darwin -- part ii

Jeshua Lacock jeshua at SierraMaps.com
Sat Oct 27 04:39:46 EDT 2001

On Friday, October 26, 2001, at 02:53 PM, andy agena wrote:

> nviz -q (with or without tcltkgrass running) very briefly flashes the 
> "wait_ok" and nviz boxes, then gives the '"wait_ok" already exists in 
> parent' error in the xterm.  the nviz i/o box doesn't appear.
> using the tcltkgrass menu for nviz pops up three windows (wait_ok, nviz 
> i/o, and  nviz), nviz i/o says:  'loading data,' 'update elev null 
> mask,' 'loading data,' 'translating colors,' then ends with 'sorry, 
> <el=> is ambiguous' (this "el=" is passed from the command line box in 
> the nviz dialog and i can't edit it).

Hi guys,

I now get the same thing.  Which is weird, because it was working here 
before I switched to my new dual-processor machine and installed Grass 
from my CD.

Here are the errors that I get after running nviz -q

ERROR: window name "wait_ok" already exists in parent
child process exited abnormally
     while executing
"exec /usr/local/grass5/etc/nviz2.2/NVWISH2.2 -f 
/usr/local/grass5/etc/nviz2.2/scripts/nviz2.2_script -q -name NVIZ 
     ("eval" body line 1)
     invoked from within
"eval exec $env(GISBASE)/etc/nviz2.2/NVWISH2.2 -f 
$env(GISBASE)/etc/nviz2.2/scripts/nviz2.2_script $argv -name NVIZ 
     invoked from within
"if {$argv == ""} {
#no arguments
eval exec $env(GISBASE)/etc/nviz2.2/NVWISH2.2 -f 
$env(GISBASE)/etc/nviz2.2/scripts/nviz2.2_script -name NVIZ >&@stdo..."
     (file "/usr/local/grass5/bin/nviz" line 13)

Tcltkgrass operates normally.

Any ideas?


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