[GRASS5] fifo problems opening X0 display (CVS compile) (fwd)

Tim Sutton sutton_t at giug.net
Wed Sep 12 05:07:51 EDT 2001


My apologies if this is ground ground that has been covered already. I
have just compiled grass CVS from source (checked out Monday night). The
compilation process seems to have gone fine, and I can start grass and
tcltkgrass no problem. However opening a display fails:

Usage: x0 [-] "input_fifo output_fifo" [nlev]
Please start graphics monitor <x0>

I have trawled through the mailing list archives and tried the various
hints there (./configure --with-socket I think I used, and also
running the make_fifos script).. Can anyone tell me what I need to do

Many thanks,

Tim Sutton

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