[GRASS5] fifo problems opening X0 display (CVS compile) (fwd)

Glynn Clements glynn.clements at virgin.net
Wed Sep 12 07:38:38 EDT 2001

Tim Sutton wrote:

> My apologies if this is ground ground that has been covered already. I
> have just compiled grass CVS from source (checked out Monday night).

Did you check out the release branch (releasebranch_11_april_2001_5_0_0 tag)
or the head (no tag)? I don't know whether the head actually works at
present, so if you have that checked out, get the release branch instead
with "cvs update -r releasebranch_11_april_2001_5_0_0".

> The
> compilation process seems to have gone fine, and I can start grass and
> tcltkgrass no problem. However opening a display fails:
> Usage: x0 [-] "input_fifo output_fifo" [nlev]
> Please start graphics monitor <x0>

The text of the error message indicates that the monitor was compiled
for FIFOs, but the fact that the error message is printed suggests
that mon.start was compiled for sockets.

If you are using the release branch, my first suspicion would be that an
incomplete version of GRASS was installed over an existing version which
used a different

Was this the first time you installed GRASS, or was there another
version already present? Did you get any build errors in error.log?
Is USE_G_SOCKS defined in src/include/config.h?

Glynn Clements <glynn.clements at virgin.net>

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