[GRASS5] s.proj site header

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Fri Sep 28 08:50:21 EDT 2001


it's right that s.proj puts a comment at the beginning of a projected file.
But s.info does not have any problems with that - such comments should
be ignored.

Is it possible that you are using an outdated GRASS version? Also
your other (personal) mail concerning the Timestamp struct indicates

So far comments should be accepted (I just tried s.proj, s.info).

Just to know: How did you generate the sites header with "timestamp|"
instead of "time|"? In case the file was generated by a module, we
have to fix it (which one?).

Best regards


On Thu, Sep 27, 2001 at 04:12:44PM -0500, Helena wrote:
> This appears to be a small but annoing bug - s.proj puts a comment at the
> beginning of a projected
> file, however other programs such as s.info do not like it
> s.info lidar.utm
> ERROR: G_site_new_struct: invalid # dims or fields
> # s.proj input=lidar99 location=coastll mapset=helena dbase=/data/grassdata
> output=lidar99.utm
> 443873.48614701|3978547.65291465|#1 %5.054
> So you have to remove it manually.
> To keep the useful info on where the data came from I believe that instead of
> #s.proj.......
> this info should be passed as
> description|s.proj.......
> It is in main.c here:
> if(outfile){ /* also write G_recreate_command as comment */
>             Site_head sh;
>             char buf[80];
>             fprintf(outfile,"# %s\n", G_recreate_command());
>             G_site_get_head (infile, &sh);
>             G_site_put_head (outfile, &sh);
>         }
> Can somebody please fix it, in case that it has not been done already.
> thank you,
> Helena
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