[GRASS5] Changes between current release branch and head

Helena Mitasova hmitaso at unity.ncsu.edu
Mon Dec 2 10:06:30 EST 2002


>There follows a summary of the changes which have been committed to
>the CVS head but not to the release branch.
>Some of these should be applied to the release branch for inclusion in
>5.0.1, and some of them shouldn't. Comments are welcome.
just a few comments regarding what should go into 5.0.1 (if this is not too late)

for modules that I know something about


NVIZ2.2 changes need testing (please update and test if you can, see Bob Covill's
and Markus' emails)
so that should wait for later update

g3d is undergoing major updates so it should wait

d.leg.thin/d.legend - the most recent additions should be tested by few more
to get a greater variety of possible maps
and all updates (inluding the latest by Hamish) should go to 5.0.1
This is something that everybody needs right now.

r.mapcalc3 updates should be released with 5.0.1 - they are essential

For a number of smaller updates of modules, like for v.in.dgn, r.neighbors, etc.
I am sure that they would be useful but do we know whether at least one person
besides the developer has tried it out to make sure that they work properly?

Any suggestion on how to make sure that any addition to 5.0.1 gets tested
at least by 3 independent developers? Or should we leave it for users?


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