[GRASS5] grass-5.0.0 on SGI IRIX 6.5

Paul Kelly paul-grass at stjohnspoint.co.uk
Mon Dec 9 15:14:19 EST 2002


On Mon, 9 Dec 2002, Andreas Lange wrote:

> Hi,
> today i tried to recompile the grass source from september (5.0.0) on
> IRIX 6.5.17m.
> I experience two problems:
> - src/display/devices/PNGdriver/Gmakefile needs a $(MATHLIB) added to
> the LIBES line:
> I can not build PNGdriver with latest GD lib, as i am unable to compile
> GD myself on IRIX (the freeware version from SGI is 1.8.4).
> - nviz does not compile:
> (snippet from the output)
> IMHO somehow the including of the header tkInt.h is broken, i have
> installed Tcl 8.0.4 and Tk 8.0.4 (both from SGI IRIX freeware, there is
> no newer version).
> my configure line:
> ./configure --prefix=/opt --with-libs=/usr/freeware/lib32 \
> --with-includes=/usr/freeware/include --with-odbc=no --with-motif=yes \
> --with-tcltk-libs=/usr/freeware/lib32 \
> --with-tcltk-includes=/usr/freeware/include

(I have compiled GRASS on IRIX several times)
Sorry I can't help with those problems as I didn't have any of them. I'm
also using GD 1.8.4 (as far as I can remember I couldn't get version 2
compiled either) but Tcl/Tk 8.2.3 (it is very simple to compile from

> If i get nviz to compile, i'll prepare a binary package and upload.

Is there a problem with the current IRIX binary package? I experimented
with compiling optimised for mips3 and n32 but found that nviz wouldn't
run when compiled like this on IRIX 6.2 (ran OK on 6.4); there was a bus
error or segmentation fault (sorry can't remember which any more). I had a
quick look with gdb but it was all over my head and seeing the mips2 / o32
binary ran fine I just left it at that.

So there didn't seem to be anything for me to update in the current
binary. It was compiled from the release branch only a matter of days
before 5.0.0 was tagged and released so although it is labelled 5.0.0pre5
I think there should be very little difference.

The only problem is the Escape and Return keys not working when run from
an IRIX winterm. I at least should have proposed a change to the README on
the ftp server to mention this; sorry. The partial fix for this has now been
merged into the release branch, but still it means the arrow keys don't work
now. I was waiting until we got this sorted out before compiling another binary

Also the current binary package includes SG3d, sg4d and all g3d stuff.
Markus agreed this was a good idea and I know I couldn't do without SG3d
for my current research, but maybe it isn't absolutely necessary. I
suppose overall it would be a good idea to compile everything with the
latest versions of the pre-compiled SGI freeware packages as that is what a
lot of people may be using (not me though).

Paul Kelly

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