[GRASS5] config.h for multiple architectures

Wallace, Beverly T beverly.t.wallace at lmco.com
Wed Feb 6 19:39:56 EST 2002

Hello Grass Developers,

I would like to be able to run gmake5 for different architectures from one
source directory.  GRASS is almost set up for this, except for the
src/include/config.h file.  The config.h file is for the last configured
architecture.  Can config.h be placed in an architecture-specific directory?

One way to make multiple config.h files would be:
	Put config.h under $(SRC)/include/include.$(ARCH) instead of
	In head.$(ARCH):  add "CONFIG_INCDIR=include/include.ARCH" (where
ARCH is filled in, as with GISBASE)
	In make.mid:  add "-I$(SRC)/$(CONFIG_INCDIR)" to CFLAGS

Does anyone have a better method?

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