Grass GUI (was Re: [GRASS5] Problems with vector import, and a suggestion)

Roger Miller rgrmill at
Thu Feb 7 15:42:05 EST 2002

On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, Michel Wurtz wrote:

> A short list of what I'm dreaming of as a display tool :
> + manage layers (add, remove, re-order)

This doesn't seem like it would be that difficult.

> + save/load "view" created (list of layer, legend and extent) does the "save" part now, the "load" would be done by running the
script created by

> + enhanced drawing capabilities:
>   - color transparency for raster,
>   - style for lines (including parallel lines for roads)
>   - fill area with color or patterns, and transparency
>   - style for sites (pixmap or vectorized symbols, the later being orientable)

I'd love to see this happen. offers some of these capabilities
now.  I very much appreciate having but is difficult to
learn and use.

> + view created usable in the map manager for output
> + query on the map (raster and vector) and (eventually with an
>   external function) manage the attribute of selected object(s)

Of course we can query now (d.what.sites, d.what.rast, d.what.vect), but
it would be nice to be able to select objects and manage their attributes

> + mesure on the image

d.area, d.measure.

> + draw line on it and pass it to external application (profil in a DEM,...)

That seems like it could be difficult to do.

> + at a second time, add point/line area digitizing

This sounds like v.digit, integrated more completely into the environment.

I guess I have a shorter list of things I'd like to see done in the near

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