[GRASS5] [bug #911] (grass) make Grass51 on Solaris8

Radim Blazek radim.blazek at wo.cz
Fri Feb 8 20:17:13 EST 2002

On Friday 08 February 2002 01:29, Wallace, Beverly T wrote:
> Thanks for the quick responses.  I installed the GNU make and tar as
> suggested.  When I use the GNU make (/usr/local/bin/make), I get
> the same error message about Rules.make line 9.
> I will install the experimental version of GRASS and try again.

This is strange. Changing grass50 version cannot help because
problem is in readin Makefiles by make. Because it always fails
on some special (?) makefile instructions (like expansion, string 
substitution) it seems that problem is realy in your 'make'
Note that to run /usr/local/bin/make in grass51 top dir is not
enough, /usr/local/bin/make must be first make in $PATH because
it is called as 'make' in subdirs (should be probably $(MAKE))


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