[GRASS5] Using 'vask' library

Aleksey Naumov naumov at acsu.buffalo.edu
Mon Feb 11 18:39:42 EST 2002

Hi GRASS developers,

I have to compile a program that runs under grass using, among other things, 
the 'vask' library. It compiles, but gives the following error when run:

GRASS:~ > swatgrass
'xterm-xfree86': unknown terminal type.
Error opening terminal: xterm-xfree86.

I've determined that this message is generated when V_call() is called.
Curiously, when I run the program in gdb, it runs ok and the screen menus are 
displayed just fine!

I thought maybe the problem has to do with how I linked in the termcap 
library. Programmer's manual suggests using $(VASK), because "it specifies 
both the UNIX curses and termcap libraries as well as $(VASKLIB)" (p. 286), 
however, $(VASK) is not set when I ran 'gmake5' on the GMakefile (see below). 
So I just plugged the libraries directly:
	$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o $@ $(LIST) -ltermcap -lcurses $(LIBES)

Below is the whole GMakefile. I'd be very glad to hear any ideas...

Thank you,


-------------- GMakefile --------------------------------


PGM = swatgrs

LIST = \
	... more object files here ...

./$(PGM): $(LIST) $(LIBES)
		@echo VASK = $(VASK)
		@echo VASKLIB = $(VASKLIB)
		@echo ZLIB = $(ZLIB)
		$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o $@ $(LIST) -ltermcap -lcurses $(LIBES)

$(LIBES): #

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