[GRASS5] CVS snapshots / Web pages in CVS

Andreas Lange Andreas.Lange at Rhein-Main.de
Wed Feb 13 09:48:18 EST 2002

Markus Neteler wrote:
> Bernhard and Andreas (?),
> Bernhard, please add for the
> web/
> directory in CVS the feature to send cvs-commit mails to
> the commit mailing list. As I was unaware of a change
> to
> http://grass.itc.it/grass5/source/snapshot/
> (maybe done by Andreas?)
> I have some conflict now which I cannot resolve any more
> (suggestions welcome).
> thuille:snapshot[374.117] cvs up
> Warning: Remote host denied X11 forwarding.
> cvs server: Updating .
> cvs server: conflict: removed README.html was modified by second party
> C README.html
> R WARNING.html
> cvs server: conflict: removed compiling.html was modified by second party
> C compiling.html
> -> I have tried to delete the files, but they had been modified.
> Now the files are gone on my machine, and I cannot update them
> and more (to finally delete).
> Andreas (whomever applied the change):
> 1. make a copy of
>     source/snapshot/README.html
>     source/snapshot/compiling.html
> 2. Then update your GRASS web CVS repos locally.
> 3. I have renamed
> grass5/source/snapshot/
>  to
> grass5/source/snapshot_release
> as the new exp snapshot is present.
> 4. Then apply the changes from the copies of source/snapshot/README.html
>    and source/snapshot/compiling.html to
>    grass5/source/snapshot_release/...
> 5. delete source/snapshot/ or the files within.
> Sorry for the extra work. When the GRASS web pages in CVS will send
> mails, I'll be aware of changes (the last two years I was the only
> one to do this job... :-)
> Markus


i fear i can not help here. I can't remember doing any changes in
grass5/source/snapshot, i did indeed some minor changes to
grassdevel.html, general.html and firsttime.html, which are shown in the
logs. I would have annouced any major updates or changes, but thought
that i should not bother you with a message that i fixed some typos etc.

While we are on this topic, i think it would be very useful if some sort
of automation (include files, date inclusion, etc) could be done with
the web pages (e. g. m4 macros, WML or something similar). This would
allow to update the web pages successively with style sheets, navigation
aids and create a unified layout. Currently the web pages are a bit of a
maze (the navigation, not the contents!). 


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