[GRASS5] Re: Grass GUI

M Lennert fa1079 at qmul.ac.uk
Tue Feb 19 06:26:54 EST 2002

On 19 Feb 02, at 0:49, Radim Blazek wrote:

> On Monday 18 February 2002 12:20, M Lennert wrote:
> > - d.area is being replaced by d.vect.area (or whatever we decide for the
> > d.vect.* modules), so the script needs to be adapted to that
> Tell me which commands and which options to use for vector lines and 
> vector areas and I'll do that. It is quite easy you can experiment: 
> search d.dm for d.vect and replace it  by command you want.
> I am bit lost in all that d.vect.* modules :)=

I've done it for myself, but I just wanted to signal that the module will need to be adapted to the changes (and there has been no decision yet as to what these changes will be exactly).
> > - I have a problem with the RGB color palette: when trying to create a
> > customized color, it is displayed as 'grey'.
> I'm not sure what you mean, legend? I found that legend doesn't work because
> d.leg.thin was renamed to d.legend. Am I right? 

Sorry, that wasn't clear. When I add a vector area map (having changed the script to use d.vect.area instead of d.area), I can then chose the fillcolor and the linecolor. When I click on the color button, I can either 
chose any standard Grass color or I can click on a color palette button which allows me to customize RGB colors. When I do the latter, and then launch the 'display' in d.dm's main window, I can see that the 
command issued is 

d.vect.area mapname fillcolor=grey linecolor=grey

instead of 

d.vect.area mapname fillcolor=r:g:b linecolor=r:g:b

Hope this is clearer.
> > - Would it be possible to write any messages from d.dm (and the modules it
> > calls) into a tk-window instead of the main Grass terminal ? That way one
> > could already use this terminal while waiting for the commands to finish.
> As I said, I do not continue in d.dm/g50 development, 

Yes, I understand. I guess this was meant more as a wish for the future (gratia) version...but since I do not know how this will work, it might be irrelevant.


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