[GRASS5] [bug #922] (grass) NVIZ and tcl/tk AND Startup-script under Linux (SuSE 7.3)

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Tue Feb 19 08:38:36 EST 2002

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Subject: NVIZ and tcl/tk AND Startup-script under Linux (SuSE 7.3)

Platform: Linux/Intel
Linux distro: SuSe
linux cpu: Intel (i486, i586, pentium ...)
Xwindows version: Xfree 4.0.x
Xwindows manager: KDE 2.x
TclTk version: tcl/tk 8.3
grass downloaded at: Trento site
grass binary for platform: Linux/Intel binaries

Two small glitches:

1. Installation was ok with the script, but nviz complained about not having access to libtk.so and libtcl.so, I had to link the most recent libtk8.3.so and libtcl8.3.so to the before mentioned files in /usr/lib (GRASS itself was not affected, only nviz).

2. I use a network-wide login on my machine which utilized YP which in turn needs a shell called "msh" as login-shell. msh is (at least here) a link to /bin/bash. Because msh itself is unknown to the ~grass5/etc/Init.sh-script, it fails to set the environment and the grass-console does not work properly (the tcl-surface is not affected).

I solved the problem by adding a msh-case in Init.sh which does the same as bash (ok this is a hack :-) ). 

Maybe these are problems on my side, but all other programs work well with this construction, except grass5, so maybe you wan't to change it.

Thanks in advance!

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