[GRASS5] Re: v.digit

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Wed Feb 27 12:47:26 EST 2002

Ciao Aldo,

(cc grass5)

On Tue, Feb 26, 2002 at 07:04:16PM +0100, Aldo Clerici wrote:
> Dear Markus,
> I'm attempting to write a v.digit tutorial (GRASS-DIGIT Modified 4.10 in
> GRASS5.0.0pre3) for the Italian GRASS users (in italian language of course)
> and I have some questions. Furthermore, in testing all the v.digit options,
> I encountered some inconsistency (bugs?) I think can be of some interested
> for you.
> Questions.
> 1) The only tutorial or document I know on v.digit is the old "GRASS 4.0 Map
> Digitizing Manual: v.digit" of december 1991.
> In the "GRASS reference manual. Vector commands" (p.36) a "GRASS tutorial -
> digit: Its Use and Its Features" is cited. Does it exists? Where can I find
> it?

The reference I also found:
but not the file. No idea, maybe someone else in the list knows?

Below I leave to discussion for the developers.



PS: v.digit mouse buttons:

> 2) In an old version of v.digit, the operations with the mouse followed a
> very confortable left-right button sequence for first, choosing, and second,
> accepting.(the middle button for quit). In the present version, the middle
> and right button functions have been inverted. This results in a very
> unconfortable and frequent use of the middle button. There was some special
> reason for this choice ? It must be considered a permanent feature or can I
> hope a return to the old, quick,confortable button setting?
> Inconsistences.
> In the Customize menu:
> F - Toggle flexible grey scale   It seems inactive (What is it for?)
> In the Toolbox menu:
> u - Display Unlabeled areas   It seems inactive
> o - Display Open Area lines   Highlights in yellow the open area lines, but
> also the unlabeled areas.
> i - Display Islands                  It seems inactive
> n - Display Node Lines          In the menu appearing after selecting and
> accepting a node, the action of the middle and right buttons seem inverted.
> In the window menu:
> c - Display scale                   The bar scale seems to be a permanent
> feature, so this option seems unuseful (or there is some way not to display
> the bar scale?)
> In the debug menu:
> n - Display node                  It seems inactive.
> I - Find isle                          It seems inactive
> d - Display Node-lines        In the menu appearing after selecting and
> accepting a node, the action of the middle and right buttons seem inverted
> (as in the Toolbox menu).
> Do you thinks these inconsistences can be fixed? If this is not possible I
> think I'll have to put some warning in the tutorial.
> Many thanks for your interest and ciao.
> Aldo Clerici

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