[GRASS5] GRASS user list

Rainer Trusch rainer.trusch at students.uni-mainz.de
Tue Jun 18 18:45:30 EDT 2002

Hi everybody,

End of last year I had to change my mail address at university. I
subscribed with the new one, but accidentaly didn't unsubscribe the
old one properly. I didn't watch the list for a while and oversaw that
all the mails came twice. When I noticed the mistake, I couldn't send
anymore mails over the old account.

I sent a mail to Baylor to unsubscribe my old address, but never got
an answer or anything happend. Few weeks later my server account run
over (wasn't a good idea to leave mails there, because it's to small
;) ). After managing to receive mails again I got no more doubles and
thought it is fine. Last week I tried to send an answer to a problem
and got the mail back. They deleted my new account and left the old

I'm not the person expecting everything is done the next day, but
problems should be solved within an accaptable amount of time. I'm
giving it another try, but I heard from someone else having problems
as well. This is the most important comunication medium of the GRASS
community and it should be handled appropriate. I don't know if Baylor
is still interested in running the list, including the necessary
amount of work. No one is blaming them if they don't want to, but this
should be articulated. It is in everybodys interest to find a solution
for the future one or another way.



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