[GRASS5] configuration/build failure on solaris 8, curses and get/putwc

Hal Mueller hal at mobilegeographics.com
Wed Jun 19 15:52:21 EDT 2002

Thanks for the help, everyone.  Redefining CPPFLAGS to ignore 
warnings did the trick.

I don't know whether "fixincludes" was run; I am using a canned 
Solaris GCC package from sunfreeware.com, which I obtained sometime 
during the Clinton administration.  It's gcc 2.8, woefully out of 
date I know.

Builds of both pre4 and the current CVS tree went fine, at least 
until I filled up my /opt partition.  I've rearranged space and am 
rebuilding, but I don't see any reason things won't work.  I'll post 
a "success" message for the dev tree when I get one, and will also be 
setting up to do a nightly CVS update/rebuild on the dev tree.


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