[GRASS5] Outstanding issues for the 5.0 stable release

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Thu Jun 27 05:45:51 EDT 2002

Hi developers,

since we are getting closer to the stable release of 5.0
we have to take another look on outstanding issues.

Here my proposal:

- m.proj/m.proj2 need to be updated to also perform the Nad/Nad
  datum transformation. An inconsistency between the projection
  tools is not acceptable for a stable release.

- r.proj needs a clean-up. The improvements coded by Morten Hulden
  are partially disabled (region sensivity etc) which is a major
  drawback. If no general solution is possible, we may introduce
  optional flags.

- v.in.shape.pg/v.in.arc.pg: The v.in.shape.pg is outdated as it
  is based on the old v.in.shape. The same functionality can be
  achieved with pg.in.dbf. Suggestion (already discussed with Alex
  Shevlakov) is to drop both v.in.shape.pg/v.in.arc.pg, using instead
  v.in.shape/pg.in.dbf as well as v.in.arc/pg.in.dbf.

What else is missing?


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