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Emmanuelle bultee at yahoo.fr
Fri Nov 22 11:16:36 EST 2002

Hi I am new to this list, a friend of mine recommended me a long ago to look into looking into grass. However I am not sure that anybody can help me on this, but I really need to find a solution as soon as possible, and I am unable to use grass (I am not competent enough). I am trying to convert the vmap0 from NIMA.mil to smaller file- I was advised shape file. The reason behind this is I am trying to have a map set showing me countries with their political boundaries, as well as their administrative boundaries, regions as for example USA with their states and Brazil with their regions, Russia, Japan, Argentina... with a smaller size than several meg. I intend to use openmap to 'navigate' the map information. Unless someone could point me out where I could get such files, or would someone in the group have already done this and produce such files. On my last run, 

in any case many thanks


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