[GRASS5] Changes between 5.0.0 release and current release branch

David D Gray ddgray at armadce.demon.co.uk
Thu Nov 28 10:50:20 EST 2002

Eric G. Miller wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 28, 2002 at 09:26:39AM +0100, Radim Blazek wrote:
>>On Thursday 28 November 2002 03:29 am, Eric G. Miller wrote:
>>>*  Fixes interior boundary winding (shapefiles have exteriors clockwise,
>>>   interiors counterclockwise) for areas with holes.  AFAIK,
>>>   Vect_get_area_points and Vect_get_isle_points always return clockwise
>>>   polygons. So isle point orders are reversed. Isles will come up
>>>   twice, once as interior and once as exterior. (If my understanding of
>>>   these API's is incorrect, someone please let me know.)
>>I thought that direction for areas/isles is the same in grass as in shapefile
>>and Vect_get_isle_points returns counterclockwise vertices:
>>struct P_isle {
>>  plus_t  *lines;  /* Boundary Lines (Negative means N2 to N1
>>                      counter-clockwise) */
>>int Vect_get_isle_points () {
>>      if (Isle->lines[i] < 0) {
>>          start = Points.n_points - 1; inc = -1 ; end = 1;
>>      } else {
>>          end = Points.n_points - 2; inc = 1 ; start = 0;
>>      }
>>It is strange if shapefiles with reverted order of isles are correct.
>>Did you check it in ArcExplorer or other ESRI SW (AE runs on Linux)?
> I checked w/ ArcGIS 8.1 against screen dump of the drawn map as GRASS
> areas and they rendered the same (vs. earlier version with direction
> reversal for "isles").  And areas were the ones I wanted.  If I remember
> correctly, other folks checked as well and reported success.
> The above snippet is identical in Vect_get_area_points.  They are
> reversing edges that natively are in the opposite order of the flow
> around the polygon.  I guess we'd have to hunt around the build code to
> see how the edges are ordered to build areas and isles.  I still think
> both "areas" and "isles" are built in clockwise order...

Hi Eric

The code for v.in.shape as it is now requires the points to be ordered 
in the 'correct' order, ie. clockwise for outer ring and anti-clockwise 
for islands. If, as sometimes happens with AV 3.x at least, an outer 
ring say is ordered the wrong way, the shape is not imported, but a 
warning is given, eg:



   Polygon contains 0 outer rings and a total of 0 holes.
   The structure is in an inconsistent state with 1 dangling holes.
   Area point is not provided.
   No height co-ordinates are supplied for the vertices.


[Counts are wrong because the operation is not completed]

But, shapes exported with the pre-changes v.out.shape are re-imported OK 
with v.in.shape, so the islands in the shape file must circulate the 
right way. That would suggest they are in the right order in the 
dig_plus file also. I'll check this with the new module.

The polygon control code (v.in.shape/polygon.c) should be modified to 
not depend on rings' direction of circulation. This is in v.in.shape now 
and is to be more general for 5.1 (eg. interface to OGR). That was a low 
priority and I wasn't going to deal with it for stable, but now I think 
I'll move it up the queue a bit.


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