[GRASS5] compile 5.1/ogr_api.h

John Gillette jg-Linux at triad.rr.com
Wed Apr 2 00:58:39 EST 2003

I am having a problem with grass51_exp_2003_03_29.  I configure pointing to 
the gdal-config.  The problem is that there are a bunch of files that don't 
get made because they can't find ogr_api.h.  It appears that ./config sets 
HAVE_OGR (in include/config.h) which in turn triggers vect/dig_structures.h 
to include ogr_api.h.  The problem apprears to be that nothing adds the path 
to ogr_api.h.

If I manually add $(GDAL_CFLAGS) which is defined in Platform.make to the 
local make file, this corrects the error.  The problem is that I have added 
this 13 times so far and still going.  I assume this isn't correct.

Can someone help, please?

Red Hat 7.2
CFLAGS="-g -Wall" ./configure 


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