[GRASS5] 5.0.2 ellipsoid selection

Alessandro Frigeri geoalf at libero.it
Mon Apr 7 12:28:15 EDT 2003


I updated today to the current CVS version.  I saw the changes in proj
stuff.  It seems that g.setproj no longer reads from $GISBASE/etc/ellipse.table and datum.table, is it true?

Since I'm working on non-terrestrial bodies' analysis, I have to deal
with 'custom' ellipsoids.  

At the moment I'm hardcoding src/libes/proj/ellipse.table and
datum.table  but I wonder if there's a more straight way to specify a particular ellipsoid
(specifying directly a and b or a|b and f and so on) so that also other users can do it without the need to recompile.

Just address me and I'll try to give an hand on this.



Alessandro Frigeri
echo '>ti.orebil at flaoeg<' | rev

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