[GRASS5] r.sun improvements

H Bowman hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 9 05:46:52 EDT 2003

Hi --

I just tried the improvements to r.sun, they work great! Thank you. I
couldn't use this at a useful resolution before.

- target mask: would it be feasible to add a target mask? I only need
the sun data for a small area, but I do need to take into account the
surrounding mountains. Right now the mask blanks the elevation data as
well as the results. Seems wasteful to calculate answers for the entire
mountain range when all I need is such a small area in a valley.
(I realize this may pollute the reflection numbers)

- memory usage: can anything be done to keep this under control? it
chews through my gigabyte of memory pretty quickly.. I suppose if the
above target mask is implemented, this would not be such an issue?

thanks again,

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