[GRASS5] merge of d.measure, d.geodesic, d.rhumbline?

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Wed Apr 16 05:17:06 EDT 2003

A proposal:

As we have at least three modules do measure distances
on the GRASS monitor, I would like to propose a merge 
of d.measure, d.geodesic, and d.rhumbline.

The "new" module could be called d.measure, with
flags something like:
 -r rhumbline following line at constant angle
 -g geodesic following line along great circle
 -m Output in meters instead of kilometers
 -l Output in miles instead of kilometers

There should be also tests included if the user
is working in Lat/Long or not.

The merged code could go into 5.1 where most
display commands are present now.

Perhaps we find a volunteer to look into that.


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