[GRASS5] Problem compiling Grass51

John Gillette JGillette at rfmd.com
Wed Apr 30 11:00:10 EDT 2003

> make mixclean
> cvs update -d -P
> make mix

Pardon my ignorance.  Let me make sure I understand how to maintain
my 5.1 version.

make mixclean = deletes the links back to grass CVS version.
cvs update -d -P = updates to current version, but this may fail if
                   the links are still present.
make mix =      redo links to grass CVS version.

Is this basically correct? 

Additional question: I assume to keep the cvs version and 5.1
synced you want to:
cvs update -d -P   (in cvs version)

to make the cvs version current BEFORE you do the above to the 
5.1 version?

I assume I have the terminology correct.  There are 3 versions:
release (5.0.2)
cvs     (5.0.2 with bug fixes, changed frequently)
5.1     (changed almost daily)



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