[GRASS5] Changes between 5.0.1 release and current CVS head

Eric G. Miller egm2 at jps.net
Sun Feb 2 19:39:08 EST 2003

On Sun, Feb 02, 2003 at 09:13:32PM +0000, Glynn Clements wrote:

> > src/general/g.setproj/get_num.c
> > src/general/g.setproj/local_proto.h
> > src/general/g.setproj/main.c
> > 	???
> Don't know.

2002-08-27 19:19  eric

        * get_num.c, local_proto.h, main.c: Projection code cleanups: * 
        changes to reflect changes in geo.h and geo_init.c *  copy some
        globals from geo.h back here where they are used.

> > src/include/geo.h
> > 	???
> Don't know.

2002-08-27 19:12  eric

        * geo.h: Baby steps to cleaning up projection code: *  move
        definition of global structs to geo_init.c *  remove/comment
        several globals that shouldn't be here.  *  Add a couple function
        prototypes for geo_init.c

> > src/libes/gis/geo_init.c
> > 	???
> Don't know.

2002-11-10 14:46  eric

        * geo_init.c: Only ask for "south" in UPS.  All else is

2002-08-27 19:17  eric

        * geo_init.c: Projection code clean up: * define a couple global
        structs here (rather than geo.h) * eliminate init_units() function
        by making UNITS table defined and   intialiazed at compilation (as
        const struct).  * make DESC table constant with initializing
        strings paired with   corresponding #define symbol from geo.h for
        documentation.  * rename functions with G_geo_ prefix to indicate
        gislib membership.  * comment out unused variables/functions that
        don't belong in gislib.

Note that these changes were also reflected in some small changes to
[rsv].proj.  And those functions have been further modified for the
changes to libproj support for datum transformations.  Most of my
changes above aren't really significant changes in functionality, but
the changes need to be kept in sync with the few modules that are
impacted.  Mostly I was trying to clean up the interface a little (it
seemed really wrong to me the way global variables were defined in
library units but used *only* by some modules).

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