[GRASS5] [bug #1565] (grass) man pages are ugly if terminal window is small

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Sun Feb 2 22:31:34 EST 2003

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Subject: man pages are ugly if terminal window is small

Platform: GNU/Linux/i386
grass obtained from: Mirror of Trento site
grass binary for platform: Compiled from Sources
GRASS Version: 5.0.0

The man pages are ugly if the terminal window is smaller than 87 columns wide.

It doesn't wrap cleanly; normal system man pages usually display "Reformatting foo(1), please wait..." and then look good in a smaller window. The grass pages display "Reformatting r.transect(1), please wait..." and then mess up the indentation/word wrap on the next line.

       This   progream  outputs, in ASCII, the values in a raster
map which lie
       along one or more  user-defined   transect   lines.    The
transects  are
       described   by   their  starting coordinates, azimuth, and
distance.  The
       transects may be single-cell wide lines, or  multiple-cell
wide  lines.
       The   output, for each transect, may be the values at each
of the cells,
       or a single aggregate value (e.g., average or median  val-

g.html2man CR/LF vs <P> issue ?

This is on 5.0.0, multiple linux platforms. I don't know if it is fixed in 5.0.1 or CVS.


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