[GRASS5] Changes between 5.0.1 release and current CVS head

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Mon Feb 3 12:24:27 EST 2003

On Mon, Feb 03, 2003 at 05:01:20PM +0000, Paul Kelly wrote:
> On Mon, 3 Feb 2003, Markus Neteler wrote:
> > On Sun, Feb 02, 2003 at 09:13:32PM +0000, Glynn Clements wrote:
> > I have added this to avoid that GRASS continues when the user
> > hits CTRL-C while defining a new location. I never liked that
> > GRASS continues and generates a broken new location, when
> > I try to stop the create-location procedure.
> >
> > So, IMHO yes.
> >
> But what if someone only wants to start GRASS so they can read the man
> pages or use g.help? Or use another command that creates a location, like
> r.in.gdal?

Maybe my answer was not clear. I was talking about the (rare?) case
that someone hits CTRL-C while generating a new location interactively.
The old behaviour was to leave the coordinate-definition screen and
just enter GRASS (with totally useless PROJ_* files and DEFAULT_WIND
files). As the user (like me) hit CTRL-C, he may want to break the procedure
and leave GRASS.
Now, the create-location procedure is really interrupted if someone hits

Hope this explains the idea of the minimal change.

> > > > src/libes/gis/ellipse.table
> > > > 	Enable "sphere"
> > >
> > > Yes.
> >
> > Note that "sphere" doesn't seem to work (will have to retry).
> >
> What do you mean in particular? I could keep this in mind while I'm
> looking over the projection functions, not promising anything though :-)

I tried to find a difference when projecting to WGS84 and sphere, there
was none. Maybe I made a mistake, but I didn't try your latest changes
on this problem.


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