[GRASS5] [bug #1568] (grass) display across 180 meridian

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Mon Feb 3 16:41:59 EST 2003

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Subject: display across 180 meridian

Platform: GNU/Linux/i386
grass binary for platform: Compiled from Sources
GRASS Version: 5.0.0 Aug 2002

I've flagged this as critical, because it is to me. Not to many others though. I'm recording it as a bug, although it may be my ignorance of GRASS which is the real problem.

I have some seabed contours & some point (site) data east of New Zealand, covering both sides of the 180 deg meridian.

I set the region to 

ellipsoid:  wgs84
north:      42:16:48S
south:      45:07:40.8S
west:       172:02:45.6E
east:       172:50:02.4W

The point data (ascii xyz imported into sites) has x values of -160 to 190 (where 190 = -170 = 170W). GRASS only displays the data (in the monitor) in the Eastern (<180) hemisphere (west side of the map). Converting the sites to vectors allows all the points to display, both sides of 180.

Similarly, the vector contours (imported from a shapefile in mercator & reprojected to lat long) display fine in the monitor.

I have converted the contours to a raster (v.surf.rst) but the resulting raster map doesn't all display (just the base color of the minimum value) any cells east of 180.

Much of my work involves data crossing the 180 meridian using lat/long, so this functionality is critical for my use of GRASS.

If this is not a bug, is there a way to work with lat/long data/maps (site, raster/vector) seamlessly across 180?


  Brent Wood 

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