[GRASS5] [Updated] Changes between 5.0.0 release and current release branch

Eric G. Miller egm2 at jps.net
Sun Feb 16 19:23:19 EST 2003

On Sun, Feb 16, 2003 at 09:33:17PM +0000, Glynn Clements wrote:
> The changes in the first section are those for which I'm
> "unconvinced"; i.e. they might make it in, either as-is or in a
> modified form, depending upon comments. The changes in the other
> sections are those which I specifically don't intend to apply.

Note: the geo.h/geo_init.c changes below don't substantively change
functionality, but they do change API.  I also believe the code is
somewhat cleaner.  For instance, why should global variables used only
by m.proj[2] be *defined* in geo.h and therefore polluting all of libgis?

> ================================================================================

> src/display/d.sites/cmd/draw_point.c
> 	G_adjust_easting()

This fixes a drawing problem for data sets crossing the dateline
(+/-180).  It's trivial and should have always been there.

> src/general/g.setproj/get_num.c
> src/general/g.setproj/local_proto.h
> src/general/g.setproj/main.c
> 	??? (Eric)

Mostly minor clean up and reflect changes in geo.h and geo_init.c
Must go in if they do, must not if they don't.  Also added some
missing #include's.

> src/include/geo.h
> 	??? (Eric)

Syncs with geo_init.c - Move code *definitions* to geo_init.c,
remove unnecessary globals, add function prototypes for geo_init.c.
> src/libes/gis/geo_init.c
> 	??? (Eric)

Syncs with geo.h - Make table const, remove global variables, try
to improve documentation, namespace clean-up, make UNITS const and
initialized at compile time.

> src/libes/gis/state83
> 	3200: x_0: 0.6e+06 -> 0.60960122e+06

Fixes incorrect false easting, should go in (verified the value per
North Carolina law).

> src/libes/proj/pj_datums.c
> src/libes/proj/pj_ellps.c
> 	Add missing underscores

Fixes lookup failures (me/paul).  Should go in with other
projection/datum changes.

> src/misc/m.proj/geo_func.c
> src/misc/m.proj/local_proto.h
> src/misc/m.proj/main.c
> src/misc/m.proj/process.c
> 	???

Sync geo.h/geo_init.c ... but obsolete anyway and should be removed?

> ================================================================================

> html/html/m.proj2.html
> src/misc/m.proj2/TODO
> src/misc/m.proj2/geo_func.c
> src/misc/m.proj2/input.c
> src/misc/m.proj2/local_proto.h
> src/misc/m.proj2/main.c
> src/misc/m.proj2/process.c
> 	Datum conversion
> 	???

Syncs with geo.h/geo_init.c changes, also several bug fixes (me)
Then, datum transformations/man page (paul).

> ================================================================================

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