[GRASS5] [Updated] Changes between 5.0.0 release and current release branch

H Bowman hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 18 08:54:33 EST 2003

> > > html/html/d.legend.html
> > > src/tcltkgrass/module/d.legend

> Hamish said:
>   I'll get around to fixing these soon ..

And now I have. New versions of both are in CVS/HEAD now.

Unfortunately, I've just noticed what seems to be an inconsistency in the
d.legend at= option: it treats 0,0 as the lower left corner and 100,100
is the upper right corner of the monitor. As this is different from
d.frame and d.mapgraph, I guess I got the +y-axis convention
backwards (?).
Additionally, the d.frame at= option differs in implementation from
mine (at=bottom,top,left,right vs at=x1,y1,x2,y2). For consistency's sake
I guess I should change that as well.

I've got a lightly tested patch that fixes these things; but for this
release would you all rather have it 'correct' now or well tested with a
warning in the man page that these two things will change soon (which is
how it stands currently) ?

> > > src/scripts/contrib/d.rast.leg/d.rast.leg
> > > 	???
> > 
> > Hamish?

I've updated it in CVS so it now mostly works again, at least back to the
functionality it had on the 5.0.0 release. It still doesn't work
all that well though, so I don't see the point in including it at this
point. I may have a go at it at some later point.


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