[GRASS5] r.resamp.rst

Helena hmitaso at unity.ncsu.edu
Tue Feb 18 11:50:52 EST 2003

Paul Kelly wrote:
> Hello
> Does anybody know why r.resamp.rst creates uncompressed output raster
> maps? Line 85 of src/libes/rst_gmsl/interp_float/resout2d.c contains a
> call to G_open_fp_cell_new_uncompressed() for the elevation file whereas
> all the other calls are to G_open_fp_cell_new(). Is it all right to change
> this to save space?

please do that. I am not sure how it got there. 
> I also fixed a bug in r.resamp.rst where it had been really quite unusable
> with maps that contained null cells. I think this might be the bug in
> segmenting procedure referred to in src/raster/r.resamp.rst/BUGS. I'm not
> sure though about the other reasons this module was disabled for.

I have somewhat abandoned it so nobody is really watching it and making
that it gets updated when changes are made (that is probably the reason
for nulls
not working). However, others (mostly Jaro) have been updating it
occasionally so it is
probably functional. I don't use it myself, when I need to resample I
sample the DEM and create site file and then use s.surf.rst.
It would be worth doing it with r.resamp.rst if it was much faster, but
it was
not implemented in a way that I had in mind - because the distances
the points are always the same, the system of equations that is being
has the same matrix, only the z values change, but the program does not
advantage of it so it is essentially doing the same thing as s.surf.rst
(but it does not have all the updates that involve new input, such as

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