[GRASS5] Where to start developing for GRASS

Jaro Hofierka hofierka at geomodel.sk
Wed Feb 26 02:58:44 EST 2003

Bernhard Reiter wrote:

>>   It is clear that at some point in the future all development works for
>>   grass5.0 must be stopped and all effort must be directed
>>   to transition to grass5.2 (or grass5.1 stable). Otherwise we risk
>>   wasting time and effort of many people.
>>   Perhaps a core team of grass5.1 developers should keep grass5.1 as
>>   minimal as possible in terms of number
>>   of modules transferred from grass5.0 unless development of grass5.0 is
>>   stopped.
>Experience with other big Free Software projects I follow
>and GRASS itself shows that GRASS 5.0.x will be in use for quite a while.
>We could switch it to full bug fixing only maintance mode
>when usable 5.1.x development releases become available.
>We can only stop bug fixing if 5.2.0 is released and stable.
>Even then a community might decide to further maintain 5.0.x.
OK, Bernhard, thanks for the explanation. I read the Description of 
GRASS 5.1 Milestones: Phase 1 and 2 and did not find any schedule for 
such development releases of grass5.1/5.2. I understand that it is 
sometimes difficult to estimate but from my point of view it is 
important for planning of my own work.
But I appreciate very much all work that has been done so far. Future 
GRASS looks very promising!


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