[GRASS5] g3d and v.in.mif changes

John Harrop johnh at sjgeophysics.com
Wed Feb 26 16:57:10 EST 2003

Hi again,

I've been buried for the last month with a conference, following up from 
the contacts at the conference and the work we didn't get on with 
becasue we were at the conference.  ;-)

We did quite a lot of demoing grass and vis5d at this conference 
(mineral exploration and mining) and were very pleasantly surprised at 
the strong positive response we received from industry.

This last week I've been re-syncing with the latest source to get back 
to working on testing and fixing.  As I was reading through this list I 
noticed HM and GC had been asking about some of the changes and testing. 
 Couple of comments:  

1) When I synced to the current source and built the g3d utilities I 
found that the two I submitted changes to were breaking the build.  It 
seems that the way the changes were submitted resulted in a version 
comparison getting into the code tather than the change.

2) After  I "fixed" the current source and rebuilt it - Top and Bottom 
and being reversed when I view the result in vis5d.  (Originally it was 
T-B and N-S being reversed.)  I'm puzzled about this and so far have not 
found the problem. Its particularly puzzling since we were successfully 
demoing this over the last month.  This is quite a high priority for us 
so I will be focusing on this and other g3d testing in the next while.

3) We needed to import some MapInfo mif files and so I've tested and 
fixed some of the problems in v.in.mif.  The import is working and we 
are using it, but I have one more bug I need to track down before I 
sumbit fixes.  The changes are small and minor but the errors resulted 
in bad file names and seg faults.

Glynn:  shall I send them to you as diffs the way I did before?

John Harrop

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