[GRASS5] datum transforms...

Alessandro Frigeri geoalf at libero.it
Mon Jan 13 09:09:16 EST 2003


Nice to hear datum transforms checks in GRASS.

Will it be possible to create a 'user defined' ellipse/datum set, 
i.e. during startup of a new LOCATION, so that the 'user defined' 
parameters (a,b||f and dx,dy,dz) could then be used in proj calculations?

In this way ellips.table and pj_ellips.c , datum.table and pj_datum.c 
could be maintained im sync with 'default' values and users can define
specific ones.

I'm suggesting this just because I'm using GRASS for studying Mars and
,as here on the Earth, we deal with different ellipsoidal parameters on 
different data-set.  Since just the Mars case will be easily implementable 
by listing the different parameters pj_datum.c,ellips.table,pj_ellips.c
and datum.table, a general 'user defined' parameter-set will make the 
trick in order to make GRASS ready-to-go for planetary studies on all 
(spherical/ellipsoidal!) non-Earth systems.

Alessandro Frigeri  

Alessandro Frigeri <geoalf[at]libero[dot]it>

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