[GRASS5] db user/password

Radim Blazek blazek at itc.it
Wed Jan 15 04:17:45 EST 2003


to store somewhere login name and password for each driver/database
during one GRASS session, the idea of daemon by Roger M. seems to be 
the best.
Roger, are you still here, is your code available, can you tell us more
details: how/when is it started, how it comunicates with modules?
Or better could you contribute it directly to grass51?

Any objections or better ideas how to store passwords?

More general issue is if G_get/setenv() is sufficient for
all variables. I thing that groups of variables should be 
distinguished, specific to:
- user (GRASS_GUI,...)
- location?
- mapset (DB_DRIVER, DB_DATABASE,...)
- map?

It might be useful to have for G_get/setenv() possibility to set 
user functions (G_get/setenv_set()) so that applications based on GRASS 
(grasslib/GDAL,...) could use their own system to store variables
without conflict with GRASS files (or necessity to write to file
(G__set_gisrc_file()) )


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