[GRASS5] db user/password

Roger Miller roger at spinn.net
Wed Jan 15 08:48:54 EST 2003

On Wednesday 15 January 2003 02:17, Radim wrote:

> Roger, are you still here, is your code available, can you tell us more
> details: how/when is it started, how it comunicates with modules?
> Or better could you contribute it directly to grass51?
> Any objections or better ideas how to store passwords?

I'm still here.

The daemon is started near the end of Init.sh after the environment is set 

It communicates with modules through a pipe.  It uses a simple protocol based 
on some predefined messages and data packages.

The code works, but has not been widely tested.  I know of two outstanding 
problems.  If the pipe doesn't exist when the daemon is started, the daemon 
dies.  The daemon allows for switching between different database locations, 
but if one switches to a lat-long location the daemon dies.  I think this is 
just an i/o format problem, but I haven't been able to track it down.

More generally, if the daemon dies for any reason Grass becomes useless.  The 
daemon has to be very stable for general use.  In my installation the daemon 
works very well.  I use it all the time and it does make Grass easier to use. 
 The daemon is in good shape for a demonstration, which was its initial 
intent, but it isn't package to make it easily installable.  I'll take a look 
at what needs to be done.

Roger Miller

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