[GRASS5] [bug #1522] (grass) Problem between tcltk for Jaguar and Grass 5

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Thu Jan 16 15:02:00 EST 2003

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Subject: Problem between tcltk for Jaguar and Grass 5

Platform: other
grass obtained from: Trento Italy site
grass binary for platform: Compiled from Sources
GRASS Version: 5.0.0

Hi !

I have downloaded Grass 5 on http://grass.itc.it/index.html web site and applied all the files as explained. All the installation was sucessfully. I also applied the 2 patches : widgets.tcl.OpenOSX.patch and gui.tcl.OpenOSX.TclTk.patch. Just one thing, I can't launch Grass with the grass5 command but with /usr/local/bin/grass5. But never mind, it works fine.

I also have installed Wish Shell, the TclTkAquaBI- for Jaguar and the Apple X11. When I'm in Grass, I input tcltkgrass&, it lauches Wish and the Grass 5 window appears.

So all is well, but when I want to import a file for exemple or open any other window, i get this message :
Error: couldn't open "/usr/local/grass5/tcltkgrass/OSX-BG.gif": no such file or directory

So to make a try, I have put a small grey patern named OSX-BG.gif in the directory /usr/local/grass5/tcltkgrass because there wasn't the picture.

Then I can open a window, but when I close it and want to open a new one, I get this message :
Error: window name "frameosx_bg" already exists in parent

Aymeric G.

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