[GRASS5] Atmospheric correction utility for Grass

Zietsman Ca <13422863 at sun.ac.za> 13422863 at sun.ac.za
Fri Jan 17 04:19:46 EST 2003

Hi interested Grass users,
I've translated the 6S atmospheric correction utility I originally got
from Mauro Antunes <http://www.ltid.inpe.br/dsr/mauro/index.html>'s
website written in Fortran to C/C++. I then modified and further
extended it to run under grass using grass's native file format instead
of binary files.  I've done this for Mr Wolfgang Lueck
<wolfluck at mweb.co.za> at the University of Stellenbosch, who asked me to
make the work I've done open source. If you are interested, the source
is available on my website which include a link to a grass like help
page at http://www.cs.sun.ac.za/~caz/projects.html. 
It hasn't been thoroughly tested and I'm not expecting to do much
further debugging unless required for Mr Lueck's purposes, but I'll be
happy to help out if time allows. The code was written in C/C++ and not
just plain C, without the guidelines proposed by the grass development
guides, mainly cause I'm not an expert on grass and my first objective
was to translate the fortran code as quickly as possible, and then to
possibly extend it later.
I've tested and run it under Redhat linux 8.0 with a bit dated cvs
version of grass5. The module comes with step by step manual
instructions to install the module itself and a tcltk interface in the
README file. It might also be clear that I used kdevelop 2.1 to auto
generate the configure and makefile scripts. If there is some interest I
might make more of an effort. I assume this could be classified as an
addon module.
Christo Zietsman
University of Stellenbosch
BSc Hons (PMA)
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