[GRASS5] 5.1: mysterious configure[.in]

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Thu Jan 30 05:39:20 EST 2003


today I have updated the VERSION handling in 5.1 to have it
independent from 5.0 and to fix a dependency problem, when
5.1 is linked to an uncompiled 5.0 tree.

The version numbers are written correctly by configure from
include/Make/Grass.make.in to include/Make/Grass.make

(that means that the new include/VERSION file is analysed properly).
But now in the current 5.1 CVS version the following files
are not updated properly any more:

configure ...
checking whether to use GLw... no
checking whether to use FreeType... no
checking whether to use NLS... no
creating ./config.status
creating include/Make/Grass.make    <- o.k.
creating include/Make/Platform.make    <- o.k. 
creating include/config.h    <- nothing expanded
creating ./config.status
sed: can't read confdefs.h: No such file or directory    <- ???
creating include/version.h    <- nothing expanded
creating include/winname.h    <- nothing expanded 
creating include/config.h    <- again?

Maybe someone more expert for configure.in could fix this problem.

Thanks in advance,


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